Sunday, October 30, 2005

The Tubes--Brookdale Lodge, October 29

Here are the spoils from the Tubes' Halloween show of October 29, 2005 (autographed t-shirt, Rick Anderson's bass pick--Dean Markley heavy pick; good man)--what a fantastic show. Here's the email I just sent out about it:

>The Tubes were every bit as phenomenal as I'd always heard and hoped they'd be. Great Halloween show, filled with such off-the-wall numbers as "Tip of my Tongue," "Mondo Bondage," "Smoke (La Vie en Fumer)," and the opener, the marvelous comic number "Madam I'm Adam."

>Was pleased to be able to meet a few of the band afterwards, and to tell Rick Anderson, the bass player, and Fee Waybill, the singer, that the very first songs I'd ever taught myself on the bass were from the Tubes' "Now" album. Rick said, "that's a tough proposition--I had to relearn them, myself, so you probably know them better than I do," and he and Fee both gave very kind and gracious "thank you"'s--not the usual jaded "thank you"'s you often get from the more put-upon and weary musicians, but the kind of exchanges that make you feel that they really value their fans. God knows every audience member that night (however drunk) was ready to return the appreciation. Great job!

Hope to see them many more times. The band is 30 years old, and plays like it's newly born. Well worth every penny (and the 1200-mile flight from Vancouver), and more. Go see them!

Thursday, October 27, 2005

North Vancouver

This is the wood that lies right across the road from my home. Walk through it for 100 more feet, and you get to the ocean.

Wednesday, October 19, 2005


Here's me in Vancouver. Always loved the natural beauty of the west coast.

Hollywood, LA, Santa Barbara, Yosemite, Kings Canyon, Lake Tahoe, Big Sur/Carmel/Monterey/SantaCruz, San Francisco, the Wine Country, Mendocino, the Humboldt Coast, Ashland and its Shakespeare Festival, Seattle, Olympic National Park, Vancouver, British Columbia's Islands--yes, I'm proud of this place. Come to the west and be amazed.

Blog Joli Nouveau

Hi! This is the very first post on my very first blog. The name East Saxonia refers to the sleepy county of Essex (it was ruled by an earl, but is called a county), east of London, where I spent a happy year as a little guy.

Postings on this blog are likely to concern history (I was a history major), travel (I love to travel), music (I love almost all genres), and current events (I'm living currently).

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