Sunday, September 24, 2006

Aaron Sorkin does it again

So, I just watched Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, the new series by writer/producer Aaron Sorkin, who did such great work on The West Wing. He was the mastermind behind the West Wing, and wrote most, perhaps all, of the episodes through the fourth season, when he was busted for having psychedelic mushrooms, and was replaced by John Wells, the producer of ER. That seriously derailed the show, although I thought they became good again for the last season. But with all respect to John Wells, never as good, as dramatically engaging and funny, as when Aaron Sorkin was at the helm.

Aaron Sorkin has brought his brilliant writing and astute casting to bear on Studio 60 on Sunset Strip, Mondays, 10:00 p.m., about a late-night variety show (obviously Saturday Night Live), and the behind-the-scenes drama that plays out there. Pilots can sometimes be shaky or unfocused, as a new show strives to find its feet. Not here. The pilot was perfectly well-thought-out, very well-directed, and the actors knew exactly who their characters were. Well-recommended. Well-?


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