Monday, October 02, 2006

More wordplay

The great comedian Brian Regan (and if you get a chance, go see this guy) has a bit regarding his childhood difficulty with this inconsistency:

"I before E, except after C
Or when sounded as 'A,' as in 'neighbor' and 'weigh,'
And on weekends and Wednesdays and all throughout May,
And you'll always be wrong, no matter _what_ you say!"

He's just Weird. Right?

He must need Caffeine.

I think I'll load up a whole Weir-full for him.

I only hope the Heir doesn't Heist an Heirloom. That would be Heinous. Especially if he fell from the Ceiling, because that would be a great Height. But we don't want to Deify him.

Well, at least "Heinous" is sounded as "A," as in "Neighbour" and "Weigh." And "Ceiling" has a C before the I and the E. But no, seriously, when is it "I before E"?


Blogger Mysticusque said...

I guess I shouldn't be so Feisty.

2:57 AM


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