Monday, November 27, 2006


This ridiculous story says that a southern Colorado homeowners' association is trying to get a woman to remove a peace-sign Christmas wreath decoration; among the ridiculous reasons offered, you can pick your own (the last is my favorite)

First, some say it could be construed as an anti-Iraq war protest;

Second--yes--some people actually think the peace sign is a symbol of satan;

Third, my favorite, her homeowners' association feels the peace sign could be "divisive."

Modern America is often considered Orwellian. You heard it here, L's and G's: Peace is divisive.

Lisa Jensen said she wasn’t thinking of the war when she hung the wreath. She said, “Peace is way bigger than not being at war. This is a spiritual thing.”


“Now that it has come to this I feel I can’t get bullied,” she said. “What if they don’t like my Santa Claus.”


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