Friday, December 29, 2006

Ancient Ice Shelf Breaks Free

Sounds like a logline for an Edwardian drama of manners, doesn't it? The "Breaks Free" part sounds hopeful, at least. But no, it's a development in Global Climate Change. You know, the kind right-wing cranks and industry shills keep grousing has nothing to do with human activity, nor could be changed in any way by moderating our creature comforts (or, in the case of the Hummer, Beastly Comforts). The Ayles Ice Shelf, about the size of Manhattan, has broken away from its position of the last several millenia. Anyway, I hope those right-wing-nuts enjoy their climate change, because they've gotten almost all their wishes: our President has renounced the Kyoto agreement, our industry will not change its habits one meaningful whit, and whether for comfort or to spite environmentalists, who they see as unmanly and controlling, the private right-wing individual (though I suppose there are left-wing anti-environmentalists and right-wing environmentalists here) won't change his or her piggy habits either.

The only wish they won't get is that the environmentalists should like it and beam happily about it.


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