Monday, February 27, 2006

Mysteries Explained

The title of the Led Zeppelin song "D'yer Maker" is not pronounced as if someone was dying, or even dyeing.

The title, according to an interview I once heard on the radio with the Zep's road manager, comes from an old joke. You may be aware that some Britons pronounce words like "America" as "Americer," slurring the end into an "r" sound, if the next word starts with a vowel: "Americer and Russier 'ave just reached an agreement..."

Man 1: "I've just returned, had a great vacation in the islands with the wife."

Man 2: "D'yer Maker?" (Pronounced as "Jer-maiker?", to make a homonym with "Jamaica?")

Man 1: "No, she came of her own accord."

Also: Led Zeppelin, not Led Zepplin. The "Led" was misspelled in order to avoid confusing the pronunciation with that of "lead," as in "Lead Guitar." I don't know what Def Leppard's or Motley Cru:e's excuses were.

Also: Fascism, not Facism.

Sunday, February 12, 2006

And another thing...

That "I Will Survive" song from the 70s has got to go, too, already. I never liked it in the first place, but I think I've been more than patient in allowing it its comeback as a retro-camp piece, and simultaneously as a you-go-girl moment for the Womyn's Movement.

(And God, do I barf when people change the spelling of the word Womin so that it doesn't contain the word "man" or "men." I'm all for equal rights, equal pay, equal opportunity, and proper treatment of women, but how childish is it going to get, and how tortured does our interaction have to get, to kowtow to someone's group? "You should call them Ger-persun Shepherds, with a '-sun' so that it doesn't contain the word 'son'!" "Oh the hu-persun-ities!" I mean, I'm half Jewish, but I don't go around looking for excuses to be offended at people about their insensitivity to Jewishness, and it really bugs me when other people milk it.)

But anyway, are we done yet with "I Will Survive?"

Saturday, February 11, 2006

Olympics Oddness

So, just as I was puzzling over:

the two Koreas marching as one into Olympic Stadium in Turin, and the announcer's statement that they might compete next time (are they planning to reunite? so dictator Kim Jong Il would happily submit to South Korean democracy? or, South Korea to Kim Jong Il's dictatorship, which starves its people and surveils them day and night?);

and Hong Kong entering as a seperate entity (aren't they really part of the People's Republic of China now?);

I watched the Republic of China, aka Taiwan, sometime known to the west as the isle of Formosa, pick a fourth alias: "Chinese Taipei," read the placard they held, walking into the Olympic Stadium. The flag they held was an Olympic flag, with a blue Taiwanese star, not the flag of Taiwan. The announcer said that this was an agreement they'd worked out with the People's Republic of China and the International Olympic Committee.

I'm glad they made an agreement, but it makes me curious: what agreement? What benefits accrued to Taiwan? And what on earth is this with the Two Koreas?

Tuesday, February 07, 2006

Kate Bush Nominated for 2 Brit Awards

Still loving King of the Mountain, Kate's new single. Can't stop listening to it. Also love Joanni, about Joan of Arc, and Nocturn.

The Surrey Siren continues to bloom in her astounding return following exile.

Here's a neat article in the Guardian about her:,11710,1582789,00.html