Thursday, January 25, 2007

Wife saves husband, clubs mountain lion

I have fond memories of journeys to Prairie Creek Redwoods State Park, a beautiful park on California's far north coast, with gorgeous redwoods (natch), ferns, fungi, and wildlife. reports that Nell Hamm saved her husband Jim (70)'s life, when a mountain lion attacked him and wouldn't let go. She tried jabbing a pen in the puma's eye, but ended up repeatedly clubbing it until it finally let go. When it stared at her and released her husband, she stood up and yelled at it until it went away (they say you should do this, making yourself look as big as possible). I love it!

Many kudos to Nell Hamm for her intestinal fortitude (that's guts), and of course, best wishes to Jim for a speedy and happy recovery, and many more lion-free years.

UPDATE: The TV news reported yesterday that Mr. Hamm has "taken a turn for the worse" with his head wound. They interviewed his wife, who seemed genuinely embarrassed at hearing the word "hero" applied to herself. I would bet that, even if she doesn't think that this incident made her a hero, there are probably a lot of family members and friends of hers who have observed her doing countless kindnesses over the years, which, taken together, would make her a hero in my book. You could tell.

Again, praying for her husband's health and quick recovery.


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